Call 08452 10 20 30 or 01268 44 11 77 lines open monday - friday: 9am - 6pm, saturday: 10am - 4pm, sunday: - closed, Bank Holidays: 10am - 4pm

Call 08452 10 20 30 or 01268 44 11 77 mon-fri 9 - 6, sat 10 - 4 sun-closed, Bank Holidays: 10am - 4pm

Accommodation Available for 7nights in Hurghada in February

Sea Garden
From £63

From £81

Empire Beach Resort
From £99

Bella Vista Resort
From £100

Hawaii Palm Aqua Park - Couples And Families Only
From £103

Lemon And Soul Makadi Bay (Ex Labranda Makadi Garden)
From £103

King Tut Resort Hurghada
From £109

Hawaii Riviera Aqua Park
From £111

Golden 5 Club Hotel
From £113

Minamark Beach Resort
From £113

Hawaii Le Jardin Aqua Park
From £114

Sphinx Resort
From £118

Hawaii Caesar Palace Hotel & Aqua Park
From £118

Amwaj Blue Beach Resort & Spa Abu Soma
From £122

Roma Hurghada
From £127

Le Pacha Resort
From £128

€Œroyal Lagoons Aqua Parkresortfamilies&Couplesonly
From £129

Crystal Beach Resort & Aqua Park
From £131

Hilton Hurghada Long Beach Resort
From £132

Hilton Hurghada Resort
From £139

Nubia Aqua Beach Resort
From £140

Sunny Days El Palacio
From £143

Golden Beach Resort ( Ex Movie Gate Golden Beach)
From £145

Hurghada Seagull Beach Resort
From £149

Solymar Ivory Suites
From £145

Emerald Resort
From £151

Hostmark Grand Seas
From £153

Aladdin Beach Resort (Ex Dessole)
From £154

Captains Inn
From £155

Jewels Sahara Resort
From £155

Lotus Bay
From £155

Hurghada Coral Beach Resort (Ex Rotana)
From £156

Golden 5 Paradise Resort
From £159

Titanic Resort And Aqua Park (Ex Dessole)
From £162

Sunny Days Palma De Mirette
From £167

Ali Baba Palace
From £168

Samra Bay Hotel And Resort
From £168

Turtles Inn
From £175

Sea Star Beau Rivage
From £177

Titanic Beach Spa And Aquapark
From £172

Titanic Palace Spa And Aqua Park
From £182

Jasmine Palace Resort
From £184

Sindbad Aqua Hotel &Amp; Spa
From £185

Caves Beach Resort Hurghada
From £188

Caribbean World
From £198

Mercure Hurghada (X Sofitel)
From £198

Fanadir Hotel
From £199

Mosaique Hotel
From £199

Dawar El Omda
From £200

Bel Air Azur Resort
From £200

Marriott Hurghada Beach Resort
From £203

Marlin Inn Beach Resort
From £208

Pharaoh Azur Resort (Ex Sonesta Pharaoh Beach Resort)
From £208

Panorama Bungalows Resort El Gouna
From £205

Panorama Bungalows Aqua Park Hurghada
From £210

Harmony Makadi Bay Hotel And Resort
From £211

Aqua Blu Resort Hrg
From £212

Ali Pasha
From £212

Alf Leila Wa Leila
From £214

Labranda Club Makadi ( Ex Club Azur Resort)
From £216

Three Corners Sunny Beach Resort
From £216

Serenity Fun City
From £218

Aqua Vista
From £229

Continental Hotel Hurghada
From £230

The Breakers Diving Lodge
From £232

Stella Di Mare Gardens Resort And Spa
From £243

Arabella Azur
From £250

Movenpick Resort Soma Bay
From £253

Sultan Bey
From £255

Pyramisa Sahl Hasheesh Beach Resort (Ex Pyramisa Beach Resort)
From £256

Beach Albatros Hurghada (X Beach Albatros Resort)
From £258

Jungle Aqua Park
From £258

Sunrise Holidays Resort
From £258

The Three Corners Rihana Inn
From £266

Old Palace Resort Sahl Hasheesh
From £273

Stella Di Mare Beach Resort And Spa - Makadi Bay
From £275

Solymar Paradise
From £277

Three Corners Rihana Resort
From £277

Fort Arabesque Resort&Comma; Spa And Villas
From £279

Desert Rose Resort
From £283

Sunrise Garden Beach Resort
From £283

Serenity Makadi Beach
From £291

Sentido Mamlouk Palace (Ex Sunrise)
From £285

Sheraton Soma Bay
From £313

Jaz Makadi Saraya Palms
From £321

Three Corners Ocean View
From £323

Bellevue Beach Hotel
From £325

Sunrise Royal Makadi Resort
From £329

Steigenberger Golf Resort El Gouna
From £331

Cleopatra Luxury Resort Makadi Bay
From £340

Albatros Citadel (Ex Citadel Azur Resort)
From £361

Dana Beach
From £361

Sheraton Miramar
From £361

The Cascades Golf Resort & Spa
From £373

Sunrise Romance Boutique Hotel And Spa (Ex Premier Romance)
From £385

Albatros Palace Resort
From £397

Albatros White Beach
From £407

Jaz Makadi Star And Spa
From £407

Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay
From £410

Tropitel Sahl Hasheesh
From £384

Hilton Hurghada Plaza
From £431

Sunrise Crystal Bay Resort (Ex Grand Select )
From £434

Ancient Sands Resort
From £444

Labranda Royal Makadi (Ex Royal Azur Resort)
From £445

Amc Royal Hotel & Spa
From £463

Jaz Makadi Saraya Resort
From £487

Club Paradisio El Gouna
From £474

Jaz Aquamarine
From £473

Sunny Days Mirette Family Resort
From £517

Jaz Aquaviva
From £515

Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel
From £550

Empire Hotel
From £572

Steigenberger Makadi
From £571

Jaz Makadi Oasis Resort And Club
From £573

Royal Star Beach Resort
From £601

Jaz Makadi Oasis Club
From £584

Jaz Makadina
From £640

Baron Palace
From £716

The Oberoi Beach Resort&Comma; Sahl Hasheesh
From £738

Iberotel Makadi Beach
From £779

Regina Swiss Inn Resort
From £1476